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Fundraising Opportunities

Looking for a fundraiser? Our Family Fun Book will provide your organization with a risk-free and profitable means to raise funds. Unlike overpriced gift wrap or candy, the Family Fun Book can be used year round by the whole family and will save them hundreds of dollars on dining out, family attractions and activities such as miniature golf, go-karts, bowling and museums. For 2020, we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts to make one, better than ever, Volusia County edition.  This book covers Ormond Beach south to Edgewater.  It will also feature some West Volusia and Flagler County establishments.  Here’s how it works:

  • Risk-free fundraiser- coupon books are given to you on consignment at no cost
  • Raise thousands of dollars in as little as two weeks!
  • No minimum order- there is no set limit of books you must sell
  • Books are sold for $20- you keep 50% of the profits ($10 for every book sold)
  • You return any unsold books- it’s that easy!
  • We provide you with everything necessary to manage your fundraiser (order forms, tracking forms, etc.)

Make sure to ask about our incentive plan for students!!!!

Here’s an example of how easy it is to make $$$$for your group: # OF BOOKS PROFIT 100 $1000 200 $2000 500 $5000 We recommend starting with 5-10 books per group member, but you can start with as many or few as you like. Delivery of the books is just a phone call away! We can deliver them to you within 24 hours of your phone call or email. Once your fundraiser has ended, we collect the funds along with any unsold books…it’s that easy!


  1. Our Family Fun Book has THE MOST restaurants and attractions in your specific area.
  2. You return ALL unsold books. Unlike our competition, we allow you to return 100% of unsold books!
  3. Your group profits 50% of total sales regardless of your affiliation.
  4. Personalized service – we deliver and pick up books. No packaging and mailing required.
  5. We provide customized incentive programs tailored to motivate your specific group.
  6. We are a small, local Daytona Beach business of 20+ years serving Volusia County.
  7. We keep the money here! All proceeds from our product stay in our community! We help support local business owners which in-turn will help revitalize our community’s economy!

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For Fundraising or To Submit a Coupon: 386-383-9153